Lecture & Documentary

Den Haag, Koninginnegracht 28, 2514 AB
2016-05-22 @14:00

We at Galbe Events, have the great pleasure and honor to invite you to take part in this unique event:

The great Spanish journalist, director, producer and writer Victor Riverola comes to Holland to talk about facinating topics related to:
- The loss of human and cultural values in europe 70 years after the second world war.
- The UN as a company or entity unifying the European character of the North and the South.
- Lagrimas Rojas (Red Tears) A compelling documentary where images and declarations from many victims of the Nazi brutality in the concentration camps, places where the Nazis carried out deadly experiments on their captives . "Red Tears" provides a clear image of the events that took place over 70 years ago described by the same people who witnessed and suffered them, with the purpose of reminding us all that we have to make sure that it never,ever happens again.

This documentary wants to pay homage to those who survived the concentration camps, and to those who did not. With an emphasis on the Spaniards.

Following the lecture we will have the opportunity to talk to Victor Riverola, while enjoying beverage & delicious treats provided by Galbe Catering.

Entrance fee: € 15
Please remit payment to: NL90 ING 0007 050590
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For information: cpgalbe@gmail.com